Sperm Donor

About the Sperm Donor:

Here’s some basic information about me, the Asian sperm donor, including my ethnicity, statistics, appearance, health, education, career, and leisure activities.

East Asian (Chinese/Taiwanese).

Physically, I am about 5’9″ tall and 145 lbs in weight.

With typical black hair and brown eyes.

I am disease and drug free,  and have no known genetic or hereditary defects. Keeping fit and healthy since my childhood. I am good at different kinds of sports and maintain good physical conditions.

I received my PhD degree in science field, and enjoy the process of discovering and solving problems.

I have a professional career as a scientist.  On the other hand, I have a few  business projects for my own interests and personal goals.

I enjoy good coffee, good food, good movies, good events, walking around for little adventures and all the good moments in the city. I also like to go hiking, climbing, surfing, and other outdoor activities for free time.

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Free Sperm Donation from an Asian Scientist, Entrepreneur and Man