Sperm Donation

About Sperm Donation:

Nature insemination (NI) is preferred to make you conceive in a natural way. It should be made with careful health consideration and a suite of  appropriate health checks /tests from both parties.

It’s free for the sperm donation.

Reception & Travel:
Currently I am based in Taipei. I will be happy to receive your visit as my honored guest. And yes, I will travel if the schedule and budget fits. For a lady who is in Asia-Pacific, such as China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Guam, etc., or even as far as Australia and New Zealand, a doable plan is definitely possible.

Before Insemination:
For a single lady, receiving the sperm donation is supposed that  you consider your physical, physiological, and financial conditions carefully to make sure that you are ready for raising the kid(s) independently. For a lady who is partnered, it’s supposedly a decision made by both of you together.

After Insemination:
We can be strangers or life-time friends, or something in between, depending on mutual agreements in advance. For a lady or couple who wants to stay away from the donor in future life, a donor abroad might be a good solution, since distance itself spontaneously a natural barrier of unexpected conflicts when the kid(s) grows up.

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About the Donor: basic information about me, including my ethnicity, statistics, appearance, health, education, career, and leisure activities.

Inquiries or opinion exchanges are welcome via the Contact Me form.

Free Sperm Donation from an Asian Scientist, Entrepreneur and Man