Asian Sperm Donor

Here provides basic information about an private Asian sperm donor who is willing to help, and the conditions of sperm donation from him.

You Need a Sperm Donor to Have a Cute Asian Baby

Do you hope to have a cute baby with the East Asian (Chinese/Taiwanese) lineage, but don’t have a partner for it? If you do, here is the right place which you are looking for. I am an Asian man and a private sperm donor in my late 30s. I am willing to help a lady who wants to get pregnant to have a baby with the Asian features to make her wishes come true.

You Prefer to Have a Human Relation with the Donor

While looking for proper donor sperm from a sperm bank or clinic is another way for the same purpose, you may not want only to meet the people in the catalogs from sperm banks or clinics, but would more like to have a human relation with the sperm donor. You may want to know more about who he is, what he likes, how is he doing in life, etc. and even get some chances to interact with him personally before you can decide that he is someone nice to help you. That’s an extra thing what a private donor can offer.

Hence, if you are interested in (1) having a cute East-Asian baby and (2) also having a human relation with the donor at a certain level, please further read the information listed below for a brief introduction about me and the conditions about sperm donation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for discussion.

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About the Sperm Donor: basic information about me, including my ethnicity, statistics, appearance, health, education, career, and leisure activities.
About Sperm Donation: conditions of donation, inclduing preferred method of insemination, reception & travel, issues which may need to be considered before and after insemination

Inquiries or opinion exchanges are welcome via the Contact Me form.

Free Sperm Donation from an Asian Scientist, Entrepreneur and Man